The game starts in the Duchy of Nothumberland. The lands sprawl far to the north of the kingdom of Valder-far. As such it is a border land Duchy newly established. Duchess Kemedra Amberheart is the second to hold the title. She inherited the title upon her father’s death, Duke Noud Amberheart. The Duke had established the Duchy with the leave of his king Eckheart the Blind. The Duchy has one main port and trade city. The city of Northward is still mostly under construction. Due to the cities location at the mouth of the river Vesh, on the west coast of Astherna the population boasts an unusually diverse mix of peoples.

The river Vesh has always been a water way for traders to access, the wild lands to the north and east. At the mouth of the river Vesh, it’s water flow out into the icy seas of the Grey-wash.

North of Nothumberland lies the gently imposing mountain range of Ammerspine. Further north of the Ammerspine the immense forest of Breathleaf stretches. East of Nothumberland the jagged mountain range of Ywedell reaches up from the north kingdom. Separating Nothumberland from the wild lands to the east. Only a few intrepid pathfinders and adventures have crossed this range and returned safely. No record exists of any official or claimed passes through these imposing peaks.

Directly south rise the imposing mountain range that marks the southernmost border separating Nothumberland from the kingdom. This range is known as the Forlorn Mountains. Only one treacherous pass provides access to the Southern kingdom. Skaldings pass, as it is known, becomes impassable in early winter. At times the heavy snow only melts late into spring time. Cutting Nothumberland off from the civilized lands to the south.  

A few weeks ago, you received a message from the Guild of Spell-weavers. It requested your attendance at their college of Northward on the third day of the Autumn Wilds. Over the last few weeks, you have made your way to the city.

The game will kick-off on the day indicated above with you standing outside the spell-weavers college of Northward.

Bastions Grief: Marked

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